Rain, melting snow cause local flooding

Though the area is suddenly seeing plenty of water, there are no major concerns locally with flooding, said Kim Elder, director of Marshall County Emergency Management.

“There’s nothing major or out of the ordinary,” Elder said. “This is normal this time of the year.”

Over the weekend, ice jams in the Iowa River and other area rivers and creeks broke up – and with the melting snow and rain – has made for some overflowing water levels.

“Ice jams are always an issue this time of year,” Elder said.

Elder heard of flooding problems at Timber Creek near the Timber Valley mobile home court south of Marshalltown. Elder said overall Marshall County is fortunate as very few homes experience flooding this time of the year, and it’s usually just farmland or wooded areas.

The county reported at least four road closures Monday due to water over the road. The roads closed were at the 2700 mile of Underwood Avenue, the 1100 and 1200 mile of Newby Avenue, the 2000 mile of Stanley Mill Road and the 1600 Mile of Jessup Road.

Marshall County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt expected even more of these less-traveled roads to be closed this week.

“It’s mostly culverts that are getting blocked with snow and ice,” Geilenfeldt said. “It’s a combination with the ice blockage, and the frost is still in the ground, so the water doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Elder reminded the public to not drive through water on the road and to “turn around so you don’t drown.”