Roller coaster winter continues

Say what you want about Mother Nature – and I’m sure she’s been getting called every name in the book – at least she keeps it interesting.

This winter has been one of the most unusual ones in recent memory.

That thunderstorm in February was quite unusual and had me thinking “Hmm, you don’t see that very often.”

For further proof of her unpredictable ways, just look what has happened the past few days.

We had snow cover on the ground then got dumped with a ton of rain, which made for puddles of water on the snow.

Then we had snow Sunday afternoon with some monster flakes. It essentially made my backward a parfait of snow, water, then more snow on top. If only it was caramel, ice cream and more caramel – that would be much better to deal with.

Just a few days ago, we thought we were out of the woods for the winter with 40 degree weather on the horizon.

Then the weather did a turn as if Mother Nature said: “Winter is not done until I say it’s done.”

What a roller coaster of a season, and who tends to the brunt of all of our frustration?

You guessed it, the weather forecasters. I have never seen a season when the weather forecasters have taken such a beating.

One week they tell us the Storm of the Century is coming, and we just get a few inches. Then they tell us the next week we’ll get a slight dusting of snow, and it ends up snowing for nearly two days straight.

Guess all the Doppler Mumbo Jumbo radar equipment is not an exact science after all.

Then on top of all the different weather we’ve experienced comes some flooding.


Just a few months ago we didn’t know if our rivers and streams would hold more than a few puddles of water ever again.

Speaking of the seasons, flu season was terrible in the area this winter. I have heard from some families who have had three or four bouts with the flu in recent months.

One family member of mine has had it twice this winter, and it has not been fun either time. Let’s hope warmer weather will rid those viruses for a long time.

Well, those same forecasters are saying 40-plus degrees later this week, so let’s hope for better times ahead. But they said 40 degrees for this past weekend, and I saw snowflakes bigger than my ears.

I’m not going to predict what the next few weeks will have in store, because with this winter we have to expect the unexpected.