Coverage of pastor arrest was unfair

I am writing in the response to the article which was printed March 8, regarding the coverage of Pastor Gregg Davison’s OWI arrest.

I am extremely disappointed with the Times-Republican and how they handled the coverage of the incident and feel Pastor Gregg was treated unfairly. Every other citizen in the Marshalltown area that has been arrested/charged with an OWI, has a small notification in the Times-Republican included under the Marshalltown Police report section. There was absolutely no reason Pastor Davison’s charge should have been treated any differently than any other citizen. The written article along with the picture of Pastor Gregg was totally out of line.

Just because he is a prominent figure within the Marshalltown community/area does not give the Times-Republican an open license to discredit his character through one-sided coverage.

Pastor Gregg has been instrumental in numerous endeavors for our community, both professionally and personally and deserves to be treated with the same respect and consideration as our other citizens. He is an upstanding figure within our community and a very well respected individual, but also a human being who made an error in judgment with this incident.

We must remember, that even though he may be in the public eye, he is also human and deserves the same consideration as any other Marshalltown citizen.