Pass bills on merit, not for money

State Sen. Dick Dearden made the statement that 64 percent of lowans would like an expanded bottle bill but it’s impossible to do anything because the grocery industry has so much money to lobby our legislators to effectively kill it.

It is my understanding that we elected these legislators to pass bills on their merit rather than money. Bills that benefit the majority of lowans should be given consideration. Sixty-five to 70 percent of lowans did not want a dove bill yet Sen. Dearden used subterfuge to pass it even though it benefits only 4 percent of the population, the hunters. The DNR was correct when they tried to ban lead shot for dove hunting. The EPA is calling for a total ban on the use of lead. Yet Dearden came out in favor of the continued use of lead shot even though it is poisonous. Have you seen what it is doing to the eagle, our national bird?

I wonder how many of Dearden’s decisions are based on influence peddling from companies like the Olin Corp? They have lobbied here for years to get a dove season. They are also one of this country’s largest manufacturers of ammunition including Winchester lead shot shells for dove hunting.