City council should allow more time for citizens

From time to time I attend local city council meetings to ask questions or make suggestions on items before them being consider for passing or rejecting.

These past few years it appears that the mayor and the city administration’s objective is to see how fast they can take care of the business at hand and adjourn.

At Monday’s meeting there was hardly time to rise with a public comment during the “public hearing” portion of an ordinance change or for the two resolutions that had large expenses called for.

In addition, during the “public comments” portion of the meeting, right before adjournment, I was advised that I was allowed just three minutes to comment on what had not been covered or to make any other public issue comments.

I will mention here that, aside from the time taken to award a medal of valor to a local police officer, the time spent in session on business was approximately 31 minutes.

What is the goal today at our city council meetings? Get home quickly? Or is it to communicate with the citizens of Marshalltown to ensure that all who want will have a chance to understand what is happening in their local government?

As I’ve said many times before … just who is in charge at city hall?