Local businesses have helped us thrive

Back in the 60s when all of us kids where leaving home, my Dad shared an objective with all of us on necessary elements to find when locating in a new area. First and foremost find a banker who will call you by name and with whom you can build a trusting relationship with for all those trying times in your financial life. Second find a good mechanic, one that can deal with you with a hand shake and the integrity to tell you the truth and someone who isn’t always on the clock. Lastly, find a doctor who will work with you and your family like a good mechanic.

I’m two thirds of the way there and Marshalltown should be proud of that. I don’t really know if this about the people and businesses involved or if its the sound advice from Dad. Either way I really am compelled to thank and compliment the business ethics of a couple Marshalltown businesses.

This has been a trying couple years for small businesses in this rough economic climate and I may not have been still going had it not been for Laura Farrington and the whole staff at Pinnacle Bank. Just like Dad said, you need to be on a first name basis and find a banker approachable enough to build a trusting and sound relationship with. They have set the ground rules for our whole family on what they could do for us [which was substantial] and what we needed to do in return to continue that trusting – hand in hand relationship. Bravo to the whole bank, they have been life savers.

Mike at Independent Auto has also been a real asset to us over the years. When you need a vehicle to get to work or when your vehicle is your work it takes a real pro to understand the urgency involved without having to say ‘there’s an urgency involved’. He has been so great keeping us on the rode and being fair and honest both with advice and billing. Hard to put a price tag on that – trust me.

Dad was spot on with his wisdom and advice and Marshalltown has been over the top for me and my family having these two businesses available to us. Marshalltown continues to be a good place to live and people like these are a big part of that.