T-R made sound decision on pastor arrest

I just read that a local pastor was arrested for OWI and failing to stop at a stop sign. This paper, like always, printed the arrest. This time it showed a picture of the man arrested.

This coverage of the said arrest has made some people feel like the T-R has done an injustice of sorts the pastor that obviously made a bad choice. No one is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. If you sensed a “but” you sensed right.

I don’t know the pastor in question or the church in which he leads, and furthermore I am not judging the lapse in judgement for I am in no position to do so. Yet this man is not a regular John Q. Public. He is a spiritual guide to members of this community. He is a public, as well as a God servant. For sure a mistake was made and it is up to his family and his church to forgive him for the mistake he made but for the local paper to sweep it under the rug and make it no big deal would have been the irresponsible thing to do.

I don’t fault the man and I pray his church and family and himself can overcome this and he finds the forgiveness and he can lead his flock again. We must remember that we all make mistakes but there is always a repercussion to our actions. If he had hurt someone you folks would be saying something different. As our kids are told by PSA on radio and TV, don’t drink and drive and buzzed driving is drunk driving. He failed in his leadership role on this occasion. It should not destroy his life or his pastoral duties, but not to cover it would be a failure on the part of the news being reported. A pastor getting arrested for OWI is news. “John Smith” from down the street isn’t. Good luck and may God work miracles in your life.