‘The Secret of NIMH’ tells charming tale

The Orpheum invites you to revisit your childhood and to introduce your children to “The Secret of NIMH.” Based on the Newberry Award winning novel, “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,” by Robert O’Brien, Don Bluth of “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and “An American Tail” fame directs this beautifully underrated animated feature.

Mrs. Frisby is a young widowed mouse with four children; she and her children have been struggling through the hard winter in a cinderblock located at the edge of a farmer’s field. Timothy, her youngest, has been battling pneumonia all winter long and remains quite ill. An early spring arrives, and the farmer is going to plow his field weeks ahead of the usual schedule. Mrs. Frisby cannot move Timothy out of their house or he will surely die, so she sets on a quest to find help for herself and her family before the plow overturns their house. Mrs. Frisby is introduced a group of genetically altered rats who have escaped from the research laboratory of NIMH; these are not your average rats: they can read and write, produce electricity and food, and have built an entire community beneath the farmer’s rosebush. The Rats of NIMH are Mrs. Frisby’s only hope of saving her son and her family.

Join Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH on their adventure to save one small family from destruction. The heroic strength of Mrs. Frisby and her love for her children and willingness to do whatever it takes to keep them safe will move you during this charming tale that reinforces the idea of love and commitment to family and to community. You will not be disappointed!

Movie admission is $4 and concession prices are low – bring the whole family for a great value. For show times, call the movie hotline at 641-844-5007 or visit www.ivotc.com for more information and to view a film trailer. While you are visiting the Orpheum, don’t forget to check out the gallery and exhibit hall that features Iowa stage and film memorabilia and information. The Orpheum Theater Center is owned and operated by the Iowa Valley Community College District. The Orpheum is a vital piece of the Marshalltown landscape that demonstrates IVCCD’s vitality and commitment to partnering, educating and building our communities.

Laura Armstrong is an associate professor of English at Iowa Valley Grinnell.