BizFocus: NewWay-DryWay Carpet Cleaning

NewWay-DryWay Carpet Cleaning

Address: Newton and State Center

Telephone: 515-966-4236

Internet: and

Hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to Noon Saturday; Closed Sundays.

Owners: Ken Landgrebe and Brooks Clark

The Business: NewWay-DryWay Carpet Cleaning was launched in Marshall County earlier this year. Landgrebe, an 18-year management professional, along with Brooks Clark, made the decision to start their own business after several months of research and training. Landgrebe said NewWay-DryWay’s first and foremost goal – other than complete customer satisfaction – is to change the public’s attitude towards carpet cleaning.

“There are many problems associated with other cleaning methods,” he said. “Customers are often discouraged by the poor results and damaging effects that may be caused. People are looking for -and very much deserve – a viable alternative that is fast, efficient, and economical.”

Landgrebe added: “Dry time isn’t just convenient, it’s also important for the life of one’s carpet. The longer the carpet is wet, the longer the carpet backing is breaking down. Additionally wetness can lead to potential mold and mildew issue. This is one of the many reasons carpet cleaned by NewWay-DryWay last longer.”

Unique Features: The company uses an innovative carpet cleaning system known as “the NewWay-DryWay System.” This cleaning method uses up to 90 percent less water than steam cleaners. The solution is safe and non-toxic. Virtually all stains can be removed, there are no soil attracting residues, and best of all, carpets are dry in minutes, not days! With a super-quick dry and completion process, NewWay-DryWay offers convenience that other cleaners simply cannot match. Pet odor treatment, stain removal and upholstery cleaning services available. We are proud that NewWay-DryWay equipment and cleaning products are made in the United States!

Why Central Iowa?: Landgrebe and Clark said they decided to open their business in Central Iowa because both live and grew up in the area. Importantly, traditional family values are found. The businessmen believe strongly the NewWay-DryWay product benefits should be available to area business and residents.