New Le Grand city clerk learning the job

LE GRAND – Jodi Abrahams said there is a lot to like about the town of Le Grand, and she wants to spread the word. Abrahams started last week as the new city clerk of the town with a population of 938.

Abrahams has lived in Le Grand since 2006 with her husband Mike, who runs a home remodeling business. She noticed the town has people willing to help each other out.

“I like the concern that the townspeople have for each other,” Abrahams said. “They are caring, and they work united as a group.”

Abrahams was born and raised in Marshalltown and is a 1973 Marshalltown High School graduate. She takes over as city clerk from Cheryl Culver, who retired recently.

The job of the city clerk in Le Grand is to monitor the budget and spending, deal with city issues and perform a wide range of city functions.

She also wants to play a part in bringing the community together, especially partnering with East Marshall High School. She would like to draw more families with young children to the town as well.

“I would just like to see the town moving forward,” Abrahams said. “I’d like to see Le Grand have more activities and be a place people look for a house and raise their kids. This is a great place to live.”

Abrahams has previous experience as an office manager and will get municipality training this summer through Iowa State University Extension.

She said Deputy Clerk Maren Williams has been a big help in getting her acclimated to the new position.