Appreciates letter on food waste

This is in response to those criticizing Jane Jech’s remarks about the food waste at the schools. I’m wondering if these people have ever been at a school when it is lunch time. If they have and still think the waste that goes on there is OK, then there is something wrong with them and not Jane.

Of course, food partially eaten should be thrown, but food that is wrapped or not touched to be thrown when another child is still hungry or when it could be saved for a later snack then that is wrong and it is a waste.

We start telling our kids at an early age to share and then they go to school and find it is better to throw food away rather than to share it. All children do not like the same things and they all do not eat the same amount of food.

I raised five children and didn’t expect them to like the same foods, nor to eat the same amount of food. They were taught to share. They are now grown and have children and grandchildren of their own and are teaching them to share and no – none of them are obese. I’m a taxpayer and don’t mind for part of my taxes helping to pay for meals for kids, but I do resent my taxes being spent for food when half of it gets thrown away.

Also, if you wonder do I know Jane Jech. Yes, I do, and she is a fine and caring person and parent. I think the remarks about her running again for office showed the person was for the opposite party. It also was very cruel and un-Christian like to say if she ran again you hoped people wouldn’t vote for her.

Well, this is my opinion of their remarks and I’m glad I shared them with you.