Camouflaging Easter

I would like to preface my remarks on the Easter story due to the facts available to us in the Bible – giving us further knowledge of what took place on that blessed Easter morning of long ago.

So here it goes. An imbalance at Easter time means far too much emphasis is placed on a rabbit and eggs in the celebration of Easter. The question does come – was this to be noted as a happenstance or just a chance occurrence? Turning now, take a look at the New Testament, then to Matthew Chapter 28.

We find that a great earthquake took place. The stone covering the doorway to the tomb could not have been moved by 20 men. Most stones weighed as much as a ton. A shining angel of the Lord in heaven came down and did move the stone from the doorway and sat on it. A group of men known as the “custodians,” highly trained soldiers guarding the emperor’s property, were there that Sunday morning.

In fear of the angel, they did shake and became as dead men. Pilate was the one who ordered the custodians to be there. I was disquieted to realize on that memorial of Jesus Christ being raised from the dead that a rabbit and some eggs were to be given more attention than that of Easter.

Let us tie into a word the subject at hand: the word “camouflage” means to hide, disguise, conceal. It appears that the real meaning of Easter falls into the above category. The true heart of Easter was well hidden from the public’s eye.

So, how did a rabbit and eggs get mixed up with Easter celebration? Have we, the public been hoodwinked into believing that the two objects just mentioned were part and parcel of the Easter celebration?