It’s time for a bipartisan solution

After the recent release of the House and Senate budget proposals, the co-chairmen of the Campaign to Fix the Debt issued a statement supporting both parties for making a commitment to deficit reduction and encouraging them to compromise and find a way forward. I agree. As a business owner and an Iowa Fix the Debt steering committee member, it’s time to get a bipartisan, workable plan moving.

Reducing the deficit is key in order to start a sustainable path toward reducing the national debt as a share of the economy. As the debt is larger, relative to the economy, than at any point since the 1940s – and as it’s projected to drastically rise in the next decade – it is clear that a sound, comprehensive budget plan is what we need.

Small business owners like me are counting on the lasting economic growth a deficit-lowering, comprehensive budget deal would usher in. It’s time our leaders engage in serious, bipartisan negotiations in order to forge an agreement to solve our national debt. I hope both Democrats and Republicans in Washington take note, and I hope you visit to learn more about the Campaign to Fix the Debt.