Blum announces another run for Congress

Dubuque businessman Rod Blum said his grassroots support has remained intact, so he’s ready for another shot at the U.S. House.

Blum, 58, has announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa. Braley plans to run for U.S. Senate leaving the seat open in 2014.

Blum ran for the same seat in 2012 losing to Ben Lange in the Republican primary.

“I’m a grassroots guy, and I think grassroots support is enthusiastic support,” Blum said.

Blum said there are three major issues in the country which he wants to help fix as a congressman.

He said the rising cost of living for families is a concern, that the principles that built this country are withering and the federal government is dysfunctional.

He said policies in place have forced families to deal with declining household incomes while food, gas and healthcare costs continue to rise.

“We are making American families suffer needlessly,” Blum said. “I think our policies are just dead wrong. We should have a roaring economy right now.”

Blum said he would use his business background to bring common sense and business sense to Washington to “stop this crisis mentality.”

He would like to see more job creation in the country and fewer people relying on the government for handouts.

“To me, there’s nothing more honorable in the world than work,” Blum said.

The 1st District includes Marshall County and 19 other counties in eastern Iowa.

Blum plans to be in Marshall County often during this campaign and has had success here. He won Marshall County in the June 2012 primary over Lange, receiving 1,140 votes to Lange’s 800 votes.

“I carried Marshall County in the primary so it’s one of my favorite counties,” Blum said.

Cedar Rapids businessman Steve Rathje is the only other announced Republican candidate for the congressional seat.

Rep. Pat Murphy, D-Dubuque, has announced his candidacy while Sen. Steve Sodders, D-State Center, is looking into the possibility of running. The primary election will be June 3, 2014.