ARL promotes adopting long-term kennel dogs

The Animal Rescue League is offering a special on seven dogs that have been at the shelter longer than three months.

It’s not that the Animal Rescue League has no space for them, said Heidi Drager, executive director at the ARL. But being kept in 6-by-8 kennels, mostly on concrete floors, is not an ideal long-term living arrangement.

“It’s just time for them to find their homes,” Drager said. “They need human interaction once they have been here for a while people start overlooking them.”

The dogs – Jack, 1, Jeffery, 2, Liberty, 3, Max, 6, Miya, 1, Jesse, 2, and Nora, 1 – all have features that have precluded adoption, Drager said.

The reasons the dogs have yet to be adopted are not what many people assume, Drager said. Many people assume it’s because they are aggressive.

For instance, Jack is black. Those looking to adopt pets adopt black animals less frequently, perhaps because they do not photograph as well, Drager said. Jeffery is shy, so he doesn’t warm to strangers with that “please adopt me” enthusiasm like other animals. Nora has been in foster care after giving birth to a litter.

Jesse requires a little more house training before being able to be left alone indoors. Liberty, Max and Miya are “bully breeds,” she said. Pet owners have a bias against certain breeds, such as boxers and pit bulls, because they perceive them to be dangerous.

“The people that could provide them a perfectly great home are afraid,” she said. “The dogs are in our care for a reason, and it makes people nervous.”

The Animal Rescue League is offering the dogs for $25. All the animals have been fixed, have had their shots and are microchipped. The promotion is going on until the end of the month.

For more information, call 641-753-9046 or visit the Animal Rescue League at 1921 Taylor Ave., just northeast of Marshalltown. To learn more about the dogs, visit