Marshall County Treasurer’s office collects $50M in taxes annually

It’s been a busy time in the office of Marshall County Treasurer Jarret Heil with second half property taxes due Monday.

“They are coming in pretty good,” Heil said of tax payments. “We’ve been pretty busy.”

Heil expected his office to receive more than $3 million in property tax payments on Friday alone. He said many people wait until the deadline, which is Monday this year since the last day of March falls on a weekend.

“They are holding onto their interest or they just don’t like paying taxes,” Heil said.

Those that don’t get their payment in by Monday are subject to penalty fees, which add an additional 1.5 percent to their bill each month.

If that still doesn’t do the job, the impending tax sale on June 17 usually does the trick to get people to pay their taxes, Heil said.

The county treasurer’s office collects more than $50 million in taxes each year, with 15 percent of those paying through the escrow in their mortgage. The rest either pay in person at the courthouse, send in the money, or pay online.

“The web payments are growing, but not by leaps and bounds,” Heil said.

Featured in today’s Times-Republican are five of the highest valued single family homes in Marshall County and what the homeowners pay for taxes in a year.

The top valued property for a single family home in Marshall County is owned by Dr. Lance and Kristin VanGundy and is located at 2628 Reed Ave. C (Highway 14) just south of Marshalltown. It’s assessed value is at $546,130 and yearly taxes on the property are $8,372. The home was built in 2004 and includes five bedrooms and three fireplaces, according to the county assessor.

For more information about tax payments contact the treasurer’s office at 641-754-6366.