MHS looks at possible color, logo change for athletics

As Marshalltown High School prepares for the renovation of the Roundhouse to lead its athletics into the future, the school is looking to tweak other attributes of its Bobcat brand.

MHS Principal Aiddy Phomvisay said he has met with a committee of students, staff and alumni to talk about whether they want to change the team colors and logo.

“The tradition has been navy blue and red but in the past 10 to 15 years that has moved to royal blue and red,” Phomvisay said of the school colors.

Phomvisay said the future colors will be determined by the community and they are also looking into possibly changing the logo of the Bobcat, Flying “M” and bold “M.”

Phomvisay said the colors and logo could end up being a compromise of what’s already there or something new.

“We really want to have a brand identity to Marshalltown,” Phomvisay said. “This is really exciting because it builds enthusiasm from the school and the community.”

Phomvisay said no decision will made overnight and they plan to get feedback from the students this spring and from the public through social media this summer.

Even after they make a decision, the possible new color scheme would be phased in.

“It’s not our intention to buy all new uniforms,” Phomvisay said.

Phomvisay said there has been no discussion on having the new color scheme throughout the district. For now, they are just focusing on MHS.

Phomvisay hopes the search for the colors and logo for the future can be fun for the community.

“It’s always a point of controversy, but I don’t want it to be that way,” he said.