The Pretender

A number of years ago there was a show called “The Pretender.” Jerrod was a young boy when he was abducted by scientists. The scientist’s idea was to destroy his memory of his past and create a clone, a person who was under their control. Jerrod, the Pretender, had escaped the Center’s control and they wanted him back, dead or alive. The “Center” would make huge profits if they could create a human without moral integrity. In creating their clone, Jerrod was given special powers to be anyone he wanted to become. He could be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, at a moment’s notice – thus he was called “The Pretender;” just a clone of a real person.

But in his transformation period, Jerrod had developed a conscience: always wanting to make a bad situation, turn out to be good. In eluding captivity, he searched to find his stolen identity – his childhood. Jerrod was a savior to those he met but was tormented by his own lack of family. In bits and pieces, each success brought him closer to his biological relatives. Jerrod eventually found the connection that each one of us already has; our ancestral family; both human and spiritual.

We didn’t lose any of our childhood but some of us may not be any closer toward maturity than Jerrod was. I have a numismatic hobby: some folks try to make fake pieces; they do this because the original product could be expensive. If they can fool someone into buying this fake, they can make easy money. Some people are good at counterfeiting but others are so crude you wonder why folks even tried to produce them. These robbers think they are justified in doing wrong: seemingly, the world owes them a living, even if it is evil. There is another robber-pretender among us today, he also is a counterfeit but doesn’t go around broadcasting it. In fact, by deception, he wants to conceal his true identity until he has control over you. Once he has that allegiance, he knows how difficult it might be for us to see the real truth. He pretends to be the savior of the world but is the devil in disguise. Satan is this pretender wanting to sit on Christ’s heavenly throne. During our earthly years, satan counterfeits Christ’s truth; offering his distorted and deadly advice. Satan destroys truth; Jesus, the heavenly truth, saves.