Fuming at Republican legislators

So, the Republicans are at it again. Attacking a college because they are using tax dollars to host a conference to promote the equality of LGBTQ Youth.

When someone says that we can’t “pervert the Bible’s teaching,” what they are really purporting is a blatant fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Statistics show the nation is warming to the idea of allowing gay marriage, as they realize that these are just people, like you or I.

This irrational fear is driven by a seething hatred which perverts the soul and drives one away from God’s teachings. Remember, God said to love thy neighbor. Treat them as your brother or sister. Turn the other cheek. Because your kingdom is not on this Earth, it is with Him, in heaven. You are not the ones meant to judge on this planet. You are to love each other. Or have you forgot that?

These are the things I read that makes me despise those who proclaim being a Christian. When people use their God, to damn others to a fiery eternity, simply because of something they don’t comprehend, it is an affront to their religion. It is not what God’s teachings were for.

If I seem brash, it’s because of the truth. The truth that there is to be a separation of Church from State. You, no doubt, are free to believe and perform in your religion. But it is just that, yours.

I’m free to not believe in any religion, and that is my right to choose. The point is, tax dollars are for the betterment of all.

I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, you weren’t being persecuted.

Did you get kicked out of your parent’s home when you came out as Christian? Did you get called names at school because of your religion? Did you stay home from school, or shy away from certain classes because you were told you weren’t fit to live because you believe in Christianity?

Let’s think about everyone involved before we go pulling tax dollars from a school for supporting equality for everyone.

Keep in mind, Tom Vilsack started this conference.