School libraries celebrated in April

School libraries have adjusted to the changing needs of students through the years.

“We are multi-format,” said Sue Inhelder, teacher librarian at Marshalltown High School. “Print is still very important and heavily used, but we do have more digital resources than we’ve had in the past.”

April is School Library Month to recognize the importance of these rooms to learning. In the libraries in the Marshalltown Community School District there are total of 222 computers to go along with the thousands of books.

Inhelder said libraries, also known as media centers, provide the ability for people to access information in one spot.

“I think libraries continue in our schools and our communities by providing services, activities and lifelong learning,” Inhelder said.

The focus of the month is how libraries are a part of the community.

“When we try to increase literacy skills with our students it is a community endeavor,” Inhelder said. “We certainly see our libraries as a learning community of its own.”

As an indication of how things are changing, the library at MHS has hosted students who have Skype sessions with people such as Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, from his office in Washington, D.C.

“We try to break through the walls,” Inhelder said of learning beyond the library.

The district’s librarians made a presentation to the school board this week to highlight the wide range of activities that go on at their schools.

“We wanted to bring to light some of the things that we are doing,” Inhelder said.