You have nine months to get healthy

The March 2013 issue of Inc. magazine has laid out Obamacare. President Obama, his family, his staff, the Congress, their families, Obama’s cabinet and their families, all American Indians which are a separate nation unto themselves within the United States, all immigrants who are not citizens (yet) and the Amish are all exempt from having to buy Obamacare in 2014 and beyond. Inc. magazine declares you have nine months to get healthy.

The leaves 300 plus million Americans required to buy into Obamacare. What irks me to no end is that I am a senior citizen on limited fixed income. If I refuse to buy it the first year penalty has been set at $3,000. If I could afford to buy it, the cost is going to be $412 per month on top of my medicare. Combined this will wipe out over half of my income. I will lose my home and be homeless on the streets.

I listen to talk radio every day, specifically Mark Levin on KXEL AM radio in Waterloo weeknights. He says right now daily 3,000 Americans are literally denouncing their American citizenship to attempt to get out of buying Obamacare. Obviously, they are just wasting their time.

The Obamacare package says anyone working 29 or more hours per week is considered full time. Young people age 26 or under are treated as minors now. Mark Levin said on the radio, if you have still not bought into Obamacare by the cutoff year 2016 the harsh penalty is $25,000 and or five years in federal prison.