Life is too cool to miss

I was not among the popular group in high school – more like a mid-level minion. I was also not the happiest kid around though I had friends and was active in sports and did OK with grades.

Looking back, it’s hard to classify me as unhappy then. I was just getting by with what I needed to do and still learning about my place in this world.

This column is not about me as I wanted to address those teens out there who might be thinking about harming themselves.

There is too much life you would miss out on if you do that.

How about 26,850 deep belly laughs. 1,850 dips of french fries into ketchup. 70 Super Bowls. 450 songs you can’t wait to hear again on the radio. 18 presidential elections. Hundreds of laughs from a small child.

There is a movie that’s going to be made 20 years from now that’s going to blow you away with how cool it is.

Then there’s 250 awards received by your kids or your nieces and nephews. I would say that you want to be there to celebrate those.

Someone not even born yet might write your favorite book ever and one you can’t wait to tell your family members about. They might make it into your all-time favorite movie too.

I was able to find happiness in both my single and married adult life, and you can too, no matter what path you choose.

We all get feeling down sometimes. If you are feeling blue, let someone know. If I learned anything in my time on Earth it is that people are more caring and compassionate than you would ever think.

Just give them a chance to be.

No matter how lonely you think you are, there are plenty of people who are rooting for you.

Another great thing to look forward to is the path you take is all your own.

All the way through high school, you have gone to schools you were told to go to. After high school, your life is up to you.

And guess what? That label you may think you have in high school will disintegrate after graduation and you can form your own future and how people view you.

Find your passion, maybe find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, or travel across the country with a few friends.

There’s too much life going on not to hop on board.