Biz Focus — Melody’s Clean and Lean Fitness

Melody’s Clean and Lean Fitness

Address: 1898 Zeller Ave., Marshalltown

Telephone: 641-750-8832


Hours: Online business

Owner: Melody Beane

The Business: Clean and Lean Fitness is not a run-of-the mill fitness business – its unique format motivated me to lose 71 pounds!


I followed the Clean and Lean Fitness plan. And I still use it regularly so I don’t regress.

One doesn’t need to go to a gym everyday. One doesn’t have to attend fitness classes and worry about keeping up with advanced students. One doesn’t have to compete with others – ever! One does get great support from me – your coach – and others like you, who want to be fit.

One starts where one needs to. You learn how to eat smart, keep your body healthy inside and out, and how to live a positive and motivating life.

Each month we sponsor a challenge group. Participants select a workout of their choice and use the Shakeology beverages. Shakeology will improve one’s digestion, energy, health, regularity, stamina and importantly – it reduces junk food cravings. Of course, results vary from individual to individual. My Clean and Lean Fitness business is online and may be implemented from the privacy and comfort of one’s own home.

Unique Features: Anyone can participate … stay-at-home moms, full-time workers, students … anyone!

Also, one can become a Beach Body coach, like me. In coaching, one has the opportunity to educate people about fitness and help others change for the better.

Plus, there is the opportunity to earn extra income.

Coaching can be done from home with a commitment that fits your schedule.

As coach, you select the workout that best fits you and your fitness level. You don’t have to worry about not being in the best shape physically. That is where motivation comes in. No one is born with an athletic body – you must work to earn it. Clean and Lean provides more than workouts – it offers equipment, nutrition plans, Shakeology drinks and protein bars to help you – and others – stay on track.

Why Central Iowa? I started my business in the Marshalltown area because I was born and raised in central Iowa. I learned the best way to develop the business is with the support of folks I know and have grown up with.