Young girl shows plenty of heart

Mia Rasmusson took a school fundraising project to heart.

The 9-year-old raised $509 for the American Heart Association as part of a recent fundraiser at Franklin Elementary School.

“I just wanted to help some kids and grown ups that have problems with their hearts,” Rasmusson said.

She is the daughter of Alyson and Rick Rasmusson. Mia set up a website to solicit donations and also called family and friends to donate. The third grader set a goal of $500 before she started and even her mom was amazed at the results.

“When she set that goal I said that’s a really big goal,” said her mother, Alyson Rasmusson.

Mia received an email from the AHA telling her about the great job she did and staff at Franklin were also impressed.

“My gym teacher said he was proud of me,” Mia Rasmusson said.

For next year, Mia is already setting a goal to raise $700 for the American Heart Association. Her mother thinks she has a good chance to do it.

“I think she can do anything she puts her mind to,” Alyson Rasmusson said. “She’s pretty determined.”