Vergara relieved son was home for Boston bombing

NEW YORK – Like most mothers, Sofia Vergara was worried after hearing about the bombings at the Boston Marathon. But she was also relieved that her son, Manolo, who attends school in Boston, was not there on Monday when the attack took place.

Three people were killed and more than 170 injured when two pressure cookers bombs went off near the finish line.

“He just went back to Boston last night because he had class today. But he was here when the tragedy happened,” Vergara told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

“Thank God he was not there or I would have become crazy,” the actress said. “I know for a lot of mothers it was a difficult time because the phone lines were so busy. I’m sure that for all the hours and minutes – whatever that lasted – I’m sure it was horrible.”

And relief soon turned to worry about his return. “Last night it was terrible for me. I told him please not to go into public places. Just go to class and stay in his apartment and try not to be outside,” she said.

But then she added: “Hopefully, nothing is going to happen. Hopefully, this was just one horrible thing, and they’re going to catch this guy and it’s going to stop.”