Readers all around the Roundhouse

Throughout its long history, the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse has hosted its share of events that have gone down in the history books.

Thursday’s event was one for the books as well.

The first Reading in the Roundhouse event was held drawing hundreds to the gym for book readings, games, a bounce house and several characters in costume.

The reading focused event was the idea of four Marshalltown High School seniors and Junior Rotarians – Taylor Fuccio, Lauren Mazour, Connor Ruddick and Maddison Wignall

“We’re trying to get kids excited about reading,” Wignall said.

Hundreds of books were handed out for free and the effort also was a result of other students, school staff and community members.

“The community involvement has been tremendous,” Wignall said.

April Valladares of Marshalltown brought her three daughters who had big smiles on their faces running around from event to event.

“This gets them more books to read and I hope it inspires them to read more,” Valladares said.

Among the “celebrity readers” was MHS Principal Aiddy Phomvisay. Phomvisay said having an event like this shows children reading can be fun. He was also proud of the MHS students for bringing the event to the Roundhouse.

“This was all student led and that’s what is so cool,” Phomvisay said.

The student leaders now hope high schoolers next year will take up the torch and put on the event into the future.

“We hope to able to do this for many, many years to come,” Phomvisay said.