15 Minutes


Resides: Marshalltown

Hometown: Raised in rural Marshalltown and only ventured away long enough to get my degree from the University of Iowa.


Family: My fiance, Emily Jensen, and future in-laws Kendall and Lois Jensen, all of Marshalltown. My parents, Jon and Roseanne Nymeyer, with sister Betsy (Justin Dougherty) Nymeyer, all of Marshalltown and sister Emily (Justin) Kenny of Urbandale.

Pets: Five horses, two ponies, barn cats, and dog Tank – all shared with my family.

Hobbies and interests: Spending time with Emily, horseback riding, karaoke, Marshalltown Parks and Recreation volleyball and slow pitch softball, Frisbee Golf, and watching sports. Recently, wedding planning has taken precedence.


Occupation: Rotary product marketing manager, Emerson Process Management: Fisher Division, Marshalltown.

What that means: I perform a variety of marketing based activities for the Fisher Rotary product line. This includes writing and developing instruction manuals, product bulletins, magazine ads, and product application brochures. I also support current products and assist engineering in the development of the next generation of Rotary products.

Tenure: Two years.

Best part of job: The people are fantastic and committed to the company’s products. It’s unreal how many different applications Fisher products go into and it never ceases to amaze me how a customer will bring us a problem and we provide them with an effective solution.

If I could change jobs I would be/do: I’ve always wanted to do NFL Monday Night Football play-by-play, preferably with John Madden, but I’d settle for John Gruden.


Movie: The first one that comes to mind is “Gladiator.” I could also make a case for comedies such as “Hangover” or “Anchorman.”

Foods: While Emily’s cooking is pretty good, I always enjoy a good piece of prime rib from That Place in Conrad or my Thursday lunch staple – Taco Bravos at Taco John’s in Marshalltown.

Sports: I’m a diehard fan of my alma mater – the Iowa Hawkeyes – as well as the Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers.


Best part of living here: Besides Marshalltown being home to most of my immediate family, it’s home to many great local businesses that care about the community and customer base.

Most influential persons: I never realized until I got older how great of an influence my parents were. Not only did they set a great example for both my sisters and I in work ethic, responsibility, and manners, but they both have silently given so much back to their community. My mom has been a first responder for Laurel, Haverhill, and Ferguson for as long as I can remember. In the last year she and dad have been using ponies Captain and Pearl, as therapy animals. They consistently visit the Iowa Veterans Home, Iowa River Hospice and local retirement homes, bringing joy and rekindling fond memories for residents.

Local involvement: I’ve been involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters for almost three years. My “little” Matt and I enjoy seeing the latest movies and playing the newest video games.

Advice on life: Give back, and be involved in your local community. Never feel entitled to anything.