Autism subject of presentation in Garwin

Rhonda Spellman is an award-winning author, professional speaker and consultant.

The rural Marshalltown resident is also the mom of an autistic child.

Spellman will be presenting a program from 9 to 11 a.m. April 27 at GMG Secondary School in Garwin about autism.

Her program will talk about how her son went from special education to talented and gifted programs, the triggers of autism and steps to take for parents. April is National Autism Awareness Month.

“I will share our personal story that entails the struggle we went through,” Spellman said. “It was a very, very hard journey.”

Spellman said autism is unique thing that we all need to be educated about. She said many people feel like they are the only ones going through the struggles when they are not. She hopes by sharing her story she can help others who have someone they are caring for with autism.

“I believe that we all need to be focused on helping everybody,” Spellman said.

Her program is free and open to the public to attend and her book “The Journey Home from Autism” will be for sale for $25 at the event.

She said her award-winning book has reached an international audience as she has received feedback from India, Ireland, Canada, France and other countries.

“It has helped a lot of people,” Spellman said.

Spellman and her family moved to the Marshalltown area from Colorado in July 2012.

“The people here are fabulous,” she said.

For more information about the speaker, visit her website at