Getting stuck on stickers

I have never had anything against stickers. Growing up I thought they were pretty cool – especially the ones that had sports team logos or baseball players on them.

Of course, I would always plan to save them to be put on something special, but inevitably the sticker would be stuck on something random, like a door, within a few minutes.

In my adult years, stickers really haven’t been on my mind until the past few years.

That’s because our 4-year-old daughter LOVES stickers.

Stickers with princesses, stickers from the doctor’s office, stickers from delivery drivers. It seems we never have to buy any stickers, they just magically appear from these previously named sources or through the mail. We got a boatload of Disney stickers in the mail several weeks ago. This came as a big surprise to me because Disney usually gives nothing away for free (have you shopped for their DVDs lately?).

So she now has a wide range of stickers to work through, and some are from battle wounds. Nothing can soothe that sore arm after a shot like walking out of the doctor’s office with a Princess Ariel sticker in hand. It’s also a good lure to get her to go to the doctor’s office as well, so I hope they stay plenty stocked with stickers.

So, being a reporter, I had to dig up the reason why our daughter likes stickers so much. So I just asked her.

Here was my first answer.

“I just like stickers,” she said.

I wouldn’t let her get off that easy so I pressed harder for a more detailed answer.

“Because I don’t have to cut them out or put glue on them for my art projects,” she said.

That makes pretty good sense to me. I wanted to dive even deeper into her sticker obsession, but I sensed a third question on the subject of stickers would have irritated her. So that’s all I have for now from that source.

Revisiting stickers during my younger years, I guess another thing that comes to mind were those Garbage Pail Kid cards. They were the cards that took the Cabbage Patch Kid craze into a strange, sometimes gruesome direction. I remember some of them were stickers, too.

I remember my fifth grade teacher writing in my school yearbook “Andy, you are real card… A Garbage Pail Kid card.”

I didn’t really know what it meant back then, but it sounds pretty harsh now looking back on it. I guess it was a joke, and maybe some payback for times I may have tried to be funny in class.

I don’t think any of my Garbage Pail Kid cards were saved through the years. It’s probably for the best we don’t revisit that chapter.

Some things are best left in the past.