Crash on Highway 330 injures three

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office deputies found two women seriously injured and floating in standing water after a crash ejected them from a station wagon early Tuesday morning.

Just before 2:30 a.m., deputies responded to the crash in the 1700 mile of Highway 330 (Marsh Avenue) south of Albion, said Marshall County Chief Deputy Burt Tecklenburg.

Preliminary investigation shows the vehicle was heading north on Highway 330 when the car veered from the road, driving through a ditch on the road’s west side. The driver then hit an embankment and flew through the air, ending up partially submerged in a pool of standing water northwest of the curve.

“We don’t know why the driver lost control,” Tecklenburg said. “The vehicle traveled quiet a ways. It probably flipped a couple times.”

Police believe Jessica Smith, 32, of Marshalltown, was driving the Chrysler Pacifica at the time of the crash. Also in the car were passengers, Stephanie Blue, 32, and Eric Seymour, 29, both of Marshalltown. The crash totaled the car.

Marshalltown Area Paramedic Services transported all three occupants of the car to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center. Smith and Blue suffered multiple serious injuries. Paramedics transferred the women to Mercy Medical Center and Methodist Hospital in Des Moines for further treatment.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Mercy listed Smith as being in critical condition, and Blue’s condition was unavailable because she is not listed as a public patient.

The extent of Seymour’s injuries were unknown to police as of Tuesday morning, but reports show he was outside the car and walking for help when deputies arrived. A call to MMSC to get his condition went unreturned at press time.

Although deputies cannot be certain until the investigation is complete, Tecklenburg said, given that the crash threw the women from the car, it isn’t likely they were wearing their seatbelts. However, considering Seymour’s injuries were far less serious than the women’s, it is a fair bet he was wearing his.

Police have to be able to determine how fast the car was traveling at the time of the crash. The speed limit along that section of road is 55 mph, but the curve that the car took is nearly 45 degrees, Tecklenburg said.

“It’s a pretty sharp bend,” he said.

Tecklenburg said deputies are still trying to determine whether alcohol was involved.

Albion, Liscomb and Green Mountain first responders, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office and Marshalltown Police Department assisted the sheriff’s office with the call.

A passerby reported the crash. The accident’s cause is still under investigation.