Big night of prom nears for MHS students

Marshalltown High School junior Kreighton Miller is new to the whole prom thing, but once he got his tuxedo fitted, he seemed pretty comfortable.

“I don’t think I’ve dressed this formal before,” Miller said Tuesday afternoon. “I like it. It fits nice.”

He was one of dozens of students who are streaming into Willard’s Furs and Fashions this week as they try on their tuxedos in anticipation for the MHS prom this Saturday on the campus of Marshalltown Community College.

Miller said he was looking forward to the event, especially the activities at the after-prom party, which is again at Marshall Town Center. He’s hoping to be selected by the hypnotist.

“I really want to get hypnotized this year,” Miller said.

Jonathan Hull, owner of Willard’s, said sometimes it can be challenging with boys who have never dressed formally.

“Some of them have never heard of what a cufflink is, so we show them how to do that,” Hull said.

This is a busy two-week stretch for Willard’s as many of the other area schools held prom last weekend. This weekend, more than 200 couples are expected to take part in the MHS prom.

“It’s their special moment, and they are very excited,” said Darcey Lovin, a parent and volunteer for prom. “They love it and are looking forward to it.”

The community is invited to the public promenade of couples from 8 to 9:15 p.m. Saturday at Babe Harder Gymnasium at MCC. The dance will begin at 8:30 p.m. in Dejardin Hall on the college campus.

This year’s theme is “When in Rome,” with decorations at the promenade and dance to reflect the theme.