World of Lennox opened up to students

The world of the Lennox factory was opened up to eighth graders at Miller Middle School in what has become an annual event.

More than 300 students toured the factory floor to get insight into one of Marshalltown’s biggest employers. This is the 12th year the tour has taken place.

“It’s just an opportunity to put Lennox out in the community,” said Terry Frederickson of Lennox. “It also gets them to think about their career paths and job opportunities at Lennox.”

It typically is an eye-opening experience for the students, since it’s the first trip to a factory for most of them.

“A lot of them have no idea how big a factory is or the machinery that goes into making parts and how much engineering is involved,” said John Augustine, counselor at Miller.

Lennox has a partnership with Miller School known as MALTS – Miller And Lennox Teaming Successfully. Staff from Lennox visit the school to talk about careers.

“They’ve been talking about the skill trades and apprenticeship program,” said Jeff Plunkett, a tool and die worker at Lennox who was organizing tours.

Plunkett said the big presses seem to get the most attention from the students, and overall it’s a nice day to share their company.

“I think everybody enjoys it,” Plunkett said.