SUVs provide safety to officers

This is in response to Tom Clemon’s letter publish on April 21. He comments on the use of SUV autos by the local police department. Well I would like to fill in the gaps that seem to be missing from Tom’s letter.

First off, today’s records show that the newer Chevy Tahoe SUV vehicle now being driven actually get better mileage than the existing police special autos in use these past few years. In addition to the special construction for safety of the officer, police equipped vehicles contain safety items that are not common place on your standard van or mid-sized vehicle.

The point is: besides today’s new SUV getting better milage and providing better tools for the police like 4-wheel drive, high speed tires and heavy duty electrical they are much safer for our officers to spend their total working day inside the best tools of the trade. Remember also that each police vehicle is essentially being driven 24/7.

Would you rather respond through traffic in a family station wagon or van or would you like a high profile vehicle with the most protection you can obtain? I’ll take the SUV anytime. I own one and have over 120k miles on it without any major work needed. It is now 12 years old and doing fine. That’s value I would say.