Uniquely Marshalltown

Bear with me on this column as I have some off-the-wall ideas swimming through my head that I have to get out. There are some things that make Marshalltown unique that often don’t get talked about.

One thing that stuck out to me recently is the proximity of golf courses. It’s funny that you can be driving west on Olive Street and see the American Legion course on your right then the entrance to the Elmwood Country Club course just ahead on your left.

Stay on that road a couple of more minutes and you’ll see the Wandering Creek course on the left. That’s three golf courses bunched up pretty close together.

I’ve come up with my own contest. I will run from the Legion to Elmwood to Wandering Pines and it would most likely be the quickest time traveled by foot between three golf courses in the world. Not because I can run fast, but it would be due to the three courses being so close to each other. It’s kind of like my own Guinness Book of World Records moment.

It must be a golf-lovers paradise if they live in the middle there. There’s not too many places you can wake up and say you are one minute away from three golf courses and have that many choices in your own backyard.

Now back to my imaginary records book – I don’t plan to stop just at golf courses.

While walking downtown I noticed two photography shops right close to each other on Main Street and one more just a couple of blocks down.

That means I’ll have to attempt a photography shop run in threes as well. The would only add on even more to the fake world records that would exist only in my mind.

Do other people think about these types of oddities that are unique to our town?

Now I’m on a quest to see if there is another group of three things I can run between to add to this “book.”

I will also start my planning now for my run between three golf courses and three photography studios.

So if you see me in a dead sprint from green to green or studio to studio – feel free to follow along – Forrest Gump style.

You just might end up in the record books too.

Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or apotter@timesrepublican.com