Four teens arrested in connection with burglary

Police arrested the last of a group of teens charged in connection with a burglary earlier this month.

On Sunday, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office picked up Spencer Dieleman, 18, of Albion, on a warrant in connection with a home burglary April 22.

The Marshalltown Police Department has already arrested three other Marshalltown teens – David Spencer, 15, Ashley Griggs, 15, and Allison Hooper, 18 – in relation to the break-in, said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the MPD.

Police charged Dieleman, Griggs and Spencer all with third-degree burglary. Griggs also faces an attempted third-degree burglary charge. Hooper’s charge is aiding a burglary. All the charges are aggravated misdemeanors.

Hanken said the group had tried to break into a home of the 300 block of South 14th Avenue the afternoon of April 22 but were unsuccessful. They managed to forcibly enter the home later that night. Hooper had been staying at the home, but it is not hers.

The suspects entered the house through a window while the homeowner was away and allegedly stole some Adderall, an amphetamine usually used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hanken said.

Both the juveniles were cited and released subsequent to the incident. Police arrested Hoop Friday.

Dieleman made his initial court appearance Monday. The judge appointed him a public defender and is holding him on a $2,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is set for May 9.

Police made details of the incident available Monday.