Marshall County Hangmen band to play Nevada Saturday

After two band members left, the State Center-based Marshall County Hangmen Band had to shuffle some members. Now with a solid core of five, the band is looking forward to a bright future full of plenty of live performances.

“We’re up to speed now so we are looking forward to a busy summer,” Dave Gray, guitarist and vocalist said. “We’ve been enjoying quite a successful run.”

The next gig up for the band is at 7 p.m. Saturday at The Talent Factory in Nevada, which is the old Camelot Theater.

The band plays country, rock, blues and original music. Gray said they tend to veer off the mainstream music on the radio as they prefer to play the forgotten songs off albums.

Gray admits the name of the band could turn some people off and said they have probably lost gigs because of it. But when people see them live, they’ll realize the music is not as morbid as the band name, he said.

“It kind of helps people realize you can’t judge a book by its cover,” Gray said.

Aside from the live performances, the band will also be looking to get in the studio to record an album.

“We have songs that we’ve written over the past several months,” Gray said.

One future performance is a set at the Oasis Lounge in Marshalltown May 18. The band will also be back playing at the Iowa State Fair this year.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” Gray said of performing. “We love it.”