Street-level meth dealers arrested

The Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force concluded a month-long investigation of two street-level dealers Tuesday afternoon, arresting a local man and his girlfriend.

Police executed a warrant at 304 Bromley St., apt. 2 and arrested Michael Witte, 45, and April Brubaker, 38, charging them both with ongoing criminal conduct, a Class B felony; prohibited acts, an aggravated misdemeanor; and possession of meth, a serious misdemeanor. Prior drug convictions enhanced Witte’s possession charge to a Class D felony.

Det. Joel Phillips, with the task force, said several text messages found on the couple’s phones and the amount of people coming and going from the home indicated the two were running meth out of the apartment. Also, since they are both unemployed, the $1,644 police found on Witte when they arrested him corroborated his being a dealer.

Phillips called the arrests a typical drug investigation. The two had been selling user amounts – between one-quarter and one gram, he said.

Brubaker has prior drug convictions, and she pleaded guilty to forgery in 2007, both of which were in Grundy County. Also in 2007, Brubaker pleaded guilty to theft charges in Marshall County.

Witte served five years in prison for a burglary in 1998 and was placed on probation for another three years subsequent to his release.

Witte and Brubaker both appeared in court Wednesday. They are both being held on $25,000 bond. The court appointed both public defenders and mandated they submit the results of a substance abuse evaluation to the court within 60 days. Their preliminary hearings are set for May 10.