Recovery program keeping patients out of hospitals

Marshall County has entered into a partnership with eight other counties known as Central Iowa Recovery which looks to help those suffering from mental illness.

The psychiatric rehabilitation program attempts to get these people back on their feet through peer counseling and other interventions to keep them from having to be hospitalized, which can be costly on public funds.

“We’ve had significant impact with avoiding hospitalizations,” said Tim Bedford, executive director of Central Iowa Recovery.

The local office is in the Masonic Temple in Marshalltown and led by practitioner Raejean Rosedale.

The bulk of the program is paid for by Medicaid funds. One aspect of the program is the peer support where individuals in the program share their recovery process.

“They get to come together as a group at least 5 or 6 hours a week,” Rosedale said.

Dave Thompson, chair of the Marshall County Board of Supervisors, said this program is more preventative rather than curative.

“The program really helps individuals develop those skills so they cannot go down that road,” Bedford said of curative measures.

Bedford said this method looks to have the clients take control of their own mental health and learn ways to manage it.

“It’s really about facilitating a recovery,” Bedford said. “It’s a more empowering self-help method.”

Rosedale currently has eight local clients with most of the referrals in Marshalltown coming from Center Associates.