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Resides: Marshalltown. I consider Marshalltown my hometown, having lived here since I was 10.

Hometown: Born in Cedar Rapids.


Family: Spouse is Garrison. We have been married five years.

Hayley, 12, is his daughter from a previous marriage and we are the parents of Brandon, 4. My mom and aunt reside in Marshalltown.

Pets: Aliyah, an English mastiff, and Jade, a black Labrador.

Hobbies and interests: I love to read, cross stitch and scrapbook.


Occupation: I am a dog groomer, and owner-operator of Kanine Klips Grooming and Spa at 18 N. Center St., Marshalltown.

What that means: I bathe, clip nails and cut dog and cat hair. We offer miscellaneous services for one’s pet in addition to haircuts. We offer spa services as well, which are products designed to improve the coat and skin while providing a bit of pampering for the pet.

Tenure: I opened my salon in 2008. I previously worked for another groomer 6.5 years.

Best part of job: I really enjoy the opportunity to work with different pets and to make them look and feel their best. I like to make clients happy – they appreciate having a nice looking and smelling animal.


Books: My favorite authors are Nora Roberts and Barbara Michaels.

Movie: Cinderella – as I am a huge Disney fan and a kid at heart.

Foods: Pizza

Sports: Dallas Cowboys and Iowa Hawkeyes – so as to keep peace with my husband.


Best part of living here: I like the small town “feel” but Marshalltown has some of the amenities a bigger city might offer.

Most influential people: My mom, aunt and husband. All three were very supportive, especially when I wanted to start my own business.

Advice on life: Try and live your dreams.