Parks and Rec offers memorial benches, trees to the public

Marshalltown Parks and Recreation is looking to formalize requests to sponsor benches and trees.

Terry Gray, parks and rec director, spoke to the Marshalltown City Council at its Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night, saying her department has had many requests for citizens to be able to name trees and benches in local parks after loved ones.

Sponsoring these memorials is already something parks and rec handles on a request basis, Gray said. Having brochures available to the public with all the relevant information will help the public be aware of how to go about sponsoring a tree or bench.

“If people say ‘I want to plant a willow tree over here,’ we don’t have to say ‘we don’t want willows in our parks,” Gray said. “It kind of gives a framework and a guideline.”

The brochures would also help cut back on staff time to answer questions about the process in addition to helping market the idea, Gray said.

Dedication plaques for trees cost $300, and benches cost $900.

Gray said the money covers the cost of the materials and upkeep for the first couple of years.

Parks and rec has already set its sights on areas at Judge, Mega 10 and Riverview Parks where it would like to see some trees planted, Gray said.

The program would cost the department virtually nothing and could generate revenue and fill a public need, Gray said.