College creativity compiled into book

The Marshalltown Community College second semester is coming to a close with graduation Friday night.

For many students, their college work lives on through the publication of the Timber Creek Collection. The annual booklet has been produced for the past 11 years and features poetry, artwork, photographs and prose from MCC students. The 18-page book brings a sense of pride to MCC faculty members and students.

“It’s a project we are very proud of,” said Connie Adair, English faculty member at the college.

Students who receive place awards in the publication get monetary prizes. Art faculty member Tim Castle said he was impressed with the work this year.

“Every year we get a terrific sampling of visual art,” Castle said. “A lot of hours have gone into this work.”

MCC student Chantel Woerner did a watercolor work of her cat who passed away which got a second place in the art division and published in the book.

“This was kind of a coping mechanism for me to deal with the grief of his loss, to immortalize him,” Woerner said.

A student learning English from the Education & Training Center, Guadalupe Iacona, landed one of her English language poems in the book.

“She didn’t write (poems) in Spanish, but she’s been writing incredible poetry in English,” said MCC English faculty member Carolyn Briggs. “It’s just taken my breath away.”

Iacona said she loves people and communication.

“I think poetry is part of communication,” Iacona said.

To view a copy of the book visit the MCC library, the Education & Training Center on Church Street or see the pdf of the book on the MCC website