15 Minutes


Resides: Marshalltown

Hometown: Marshalltown


Family: My parents are Kristie Hazen and Ky Papiboune. One brother is Lance and one sister is Rosie. Another sister is Sy joined by her son, Talon, 4. Another brother is Brandin, with his spouse Miranda, and their son, Sam.

Hobbies and interests: Singing karaoke, Zumba fitness, scrap-booking and spending time with family and friends.


Occupation: Office assistant at Marshalltown’s Riverside Cemetery and a licensed Zumba fitness instructor with Marshalltown Parks and Recreation.

What that means: At Riverside, I perform basic office duties and assist families select burial lots. At Parks and Recreation, I instruct Zumba fitness participants so they get a fun, safe and effective workout. Co-workers are Shelby Pennington Farmer and Karen Gale.

Tenure: I started both positions March 4, 2013.

If I could change jobs I would be/do: No contest – I love both my jobs!


Movies: Musicals, especially “White Christmas, ” directed by Michael Curtiz.

Sports: I love the Iowa Hawkeyes!


Most influential persons: My mother, Kristie and my grandmothers, Marlene and Carol. Additionally, my godparents, Brad and Kathy. So to are coworkers and best friends, Shelby and Karen. Those folks have been present to support me through all of the decisions I’ve made. They have helped guide me in the right direction. I’m very blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me.

Local involvement: Member of Marshalltown’s Elim Lutheran Church.

Advice on life: You only live once. Don’t wait for tomorrow to say or do what you want or should do today. Tell everyone important to you, or that you love and care about, that you love them. Tomorrow is never promised.