Student takes big strides forward

It’s the goal of any teacher to see growth in learning throughout the course of the school year. As the current school year winds down, Lenihan Intermediate School teacher Sue Buchan has noticed that improvement greatly in sixth grader Lilly Cross.

“Lilly has taken a huge leap this year in taking responsibility for her learning,” Buchan said. “She has grown tremendously in her math skills, and I see a new confidence in her.”

Cross, 12, said it’s important for her to do well in school so she can have a bright future.

“It’s a place where you learn and you can’t get anywhere if you don’t learn,” Cross said.

Buchan also said that she can count on the student to do the right thing at school. “She is one special gal,” Buchan said.

Cross has a love for animals and would like to be a veterinarian one day.