School board votes to consider termination of administrator

The Marshalltown School Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to consider the termination of a school administrator, though the name of the employee was not released to the public.

“I’m not in a position to say who the administrator is,” said Marshalltown Schools Superintendent Marvin Wade after the meeting.

Wade was present with the entire school board, Director of Human Resources Lisa Koester, district attorney Rex Ryden and Miller Middle School Principal Jacy Large at a special meeting held Tuesday night. Confidential personnel issues were expected to be discussed at the closed session.

Following the closed session, the board voted to consider termination of who they called “Administrator A.” Wade said as a result of the board action it will be up to this administrator to decide what he or she chooses to do.

He did not want to elaborate on the decision by the board or how it will proceed in the future.

“It will be played out in one way or another,” Wade said.