Debt is No. 1 deterrent to economy

I applaud Senator Grassley for hearing the concerns of his constituents by holding town hall meetings all across the state of Iowa. At a recent town hall meeting with Senator Grassley, in Marshalltown, he addressed the issue of our nation’s unsustainable national debt crisis. I was pleased to hear that Senator Grassley believes – as I do – that the debt is the No. 1 deterrent to growing our economy and fostering job creation.

The topic of the sequester was brought up and Sen. Grassley explained that these across-the-board cuts neither effectively curb spending nor control our long-term debt. He also recognized that the sequester was flawed because it does not include any reforms to our entitlement programs.

With the Senate and the House both passing budgets, we are closer now than ever to getting a bill passed that actually addresses long-term debt. Now is the time for Congress to act and pass a budget. That is why I’m a member of the Iowa Chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. We need to encourage members of Congress to work together to pass a bipartisan deal that will truly address our nation’s debt so we can get our economy growing again.