Growing pains at the pump

Temperatures are on the rise and so are gas prices.

Within a day, gas prices jumped nearly $.20 a gallon in central Iowa and around the state. In Marshalltown, prices were $3.69 Wednesday but soared as high as $3.89 by Thursday.

“I think it’s what they do every year,” said Howard Lindeman, who lives just outside Marietta. “When Memorial Day comes, the gas prices go up.”

AAA reports that two major refineries near Chicago have been shut down for maintenance and those closures caused the dramatic increase in prices. The refineries are not expected to be up and running until after Memorial Day.

Other analysts say low inventory and plans to remove some production from a refinery in Oklahoma are also causes for the sudden increase.

Lindeman said the higher prices won’t affect any of his summer plans, but they will make him be cautious until they start to go down.

“I will try to limit my trips to town,” he said.

AAA reports prices will continue to rise for another few weeks, but this won’t be a long-term situation.