‘They are true heroes’

A Marshalltown man was pulled from a burning car before it went totally up in flames Thursday afternoon at the corner of Olive and Center streets. Mike Spinner said he heard his car backfire and started smelling smoke while driving. He pulled the car over and saw the flames.

That’s when Amanda Grisham, and another woman driving by, saw Skinner in trouble and pulled him out of the car.

“That was great,” Spinner said. “They helped me out of the car and got me to safety. They are true heroes.”

Grisham said she is not a hero, just a compassionate citizen.

“Hopefully, someone else would have stopped if we weren’t there,” Grisham said.

The other woman left the scene immediately after helping Skinner. The Marshalltown Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire within minutes and no injuries were reported. The car was a total loss.