Tradition a hallmark at Beaman United Methodist Church

A Beaman church, which witnessed pioneers crossing the Iowa plains, will celebrate a special anniversary May 26 -150 years will have passed since seven Methodists met in a home and established the Beaman United Methodist Church.

The occasion will be in honor of those who founded, supported and maintained the Christian ideals of the church by their work, money and presence in the community.

Members, former ministers, former members and friends of the congregation are invited.

“It has always been a caring congregation,” said Ann Smith, a member of 58 years who is on the church council.

Her ancestors called the church home as well.

From baptisms to weddings and funerals, the church has been a strong influence on members and the Beaman community itself, according to lifelong member Art Bine.

His forbearers attended the church too.

Melded with families, schools and organizations like 4-H, the church has been an integral part of the area’s social fabric, producing generations of people who have gone on to serve as business owners, educators, farmers, homemakers, laborers, veterans and volunteer firemen.

“The congregation is one of deep faith and many fine folks,” Smith said.

Like hundreds of other small rural congregations in Iowa, membership at the church is declining.

Approximately 140 now call the church home.

“We’ve survived the bad times and enjoyed the good times,” Bine said.

It has held the distinction of being the only church within town limits for many years.

But now, Bine, Smith and many others are looking to the future, hoping good weather blesses the outdoor potluck meal on May 26.

Thousands of potlucks have taken place in the church’s 150-year history, but this one will be special.

“We are hoping for a good response from the Beaman community in helping us celebrate this special event,” Bine said.

For more information contact 641-366-2142.