Airport open house set for June 1

The public is invited to attend the June 1 open house at Marshalltown’s Municipal Airport. This event will begin at 7 a.m. and run until 11 a.m. and will feature Kiwanis Club members serving up a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, orange juice and coffee.

Ticket cost is $6 per adult and $3 for youth ages 10 or younger.

Members of the local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 675 will assist in the event. Static displays of aircraft will be available to view. Information about the local EAA Chapter and the local radio controlled airplane hobby will also be offered. Several classic cars will be proudly displayed by their owners.

Marshalltown has a very nice general aviation airport that serves an important function for area businesses, industry, agricultural crop pest management, travelers in private aircraft and as a base for locally owned airplanes and flight instruction. The Army Air National Guard uses the airport in its training schedules from Boone. Marshalltown’s airport is an important portion of the basic infrastructure for the Marshalltown and central Iowa area. This service is a tremendous and important asset that yields benefits to all citizens either directly or indirectly. As a general aviation facility, it does not have scheduled passenger connections. However, charter flights are routinely flown out of and into Marshalltown.

Iowa has eight airports with commercial service. However, there are 113 general aviation public- use airports to serve as links to other transportation connections. Iowans have approximately 3,900 registered aircraft that fly over 370,000 hours per year. Many flights are personal and a huge segment are business related, adding to the importance of efficient use of time to get work done.

In the United States, there are approximately 19,200 landing facilities for fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, seaplanes and others. Thirteen thousand six hundred of those facilities are called airports. Of these, only about 5,300 are classified as open to the public.

General Aviation could be called The People’s Air Carrier. If scheduled airlines are the nation’s transport arteries, then general aviation is its equally important capillary system. Charter and air taxi flights carry passengers to and from smaller cities, tens of thousands of which have no airline service. Business, cargo and personal flights reach anywhere, any time – on the traveler’s or shipper’s schedule, not the airline’s. It has been said that one mile of roadway takes you one mile. One mile of runway will take you everywhere.

Please join the Kiwanis Club members on June 1 for a great breakfast and help support Kiwanis programs. Learn about aviation services at Marshalltown’s Municipal Airport and see aircraft big and small used for specific purposes. Enjoy looking at homebuilt airplanes and visiting with the pilots that built them. Model aviation will also be represented in static displays where one can learn about this miniature aviation hobby. Bring the entire family for good food and aviation fun.