Daily Record, May 23, 2013

Threat of arson gets local man three aggravated misdemeanors

A Marshalltown man faces aggravated assault and child endangerment charges for threatening to burn down his home with his children and wife inside.

James Woods, 39, is charged with aggravated domestic assault and two counts of child endangerment without injuries, both aggravated misdemeanors.

Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department, said Woods and his wife were arguing at their home on Jerome Street just after midnight Tuesday when Woods began throwing things in the presence of his 2-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

Hanken said Woods then threatened to burn down the house. No one was harmed during the incident.

Woods appeared in court Wednesday where the judge appointed a public defender, set bond at $2,000 and ordered Woods to turn over any firearms or ammo to the sheriff’s office within 24 hours. His preliminary hearing is set for May 31.

Marshalltown Fire Department

May 16

The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to two fire calls to 514 N. Third Ave. and 3 W. Olive St. and four medical assists with the EMS crew to 308 E. Boone St., 3 N. Ninth St., 511 N. 15th Ave. and 601 E. Church St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a special call to 1002 S. 11th Ave., two fire calls to 301 N. Third St. and 509 E. Main St. and three medical assists with the EMS crew to: 1712 S. Fourth St., 101 W. Iowa Ave. and 312 E. Main St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call at 808 E. Main St., a rescue at 1 W. Grant St. and nine medical assists with the EMS crew to: 707 E. Boone St., 109 N. Third St., 209 S. Fourth Ave., 2907 S. Sixth St., 3202 S. 12th St., 1211 W. State St., 206 Nicholas Drive, 407 N. Third Ave. and 125 11th St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a fire call to 407 Summit St. and three fire calls to: 406 E. State St., 3202 S. 12th St. and 313 S. 18th Ave.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

May 14

The sheriff of Marshall County to Mortgage Company FKA Nationwide Home Mortgage Company FKA Allied Group Mortgage Company, 306 Green Mountain Road, (Green Mountain), Garwin

Lavern Kroener to Justin and Megan Love, 201 State St., Liscomb

May 15

Bank of America NA Successor by Merger to BAC Home Loan Servicing LP to Department of Housing & Urban Development, 5 S. Eighth St.

The estate of Lowell Davis to Gail Davis, 1962 Wallace Ave.

Bank of America, NA Successor by Merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing LP FKA Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 109 N. 11th Ave.

Patricia Russo FKA Patricia Soorholtz and Joseph Russo to Patricia Russo FKA Patricia Soorholtz, 2958 Ingram Ave., Melbourne

The estate of Roberta Melberg to Greta Tiedeman, 701 Roberts Terrace

Gerold Schubert Revocable Trust, Destitute Fisherman Living Trust, Gerold Schubert Trustee to Jennifer Murty FKA Jennifer Peak, 309 Harrison Drive.

Christine McAnelly FKA Christine Hunt and Cory McAnelly to Thomas and Mary Renze, 1911 S. Third Ave.

The sheriff of Marshall County to Nationstar Mortgage LLC FKA Centex Home Equity Company LLC, 604 S. Sixth St.

May 16

Timothy and Sara Nichols on contract to Cledith Thompson, 608 W. State St.

Christina Whittler to Michael Whittler Jr., 1215 W. Main St.

Benjamin and Megan Johnson to Charles and Anita Garvin, 1307 Glenwood Terrace

The Sheriff of Marshall County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 2610 Reyclif Drive


Caleb Garten to Nickolas Stanton, 513 Friendly Drive

Shawn and Shonya Hoskins to Adam Harmon, 2946 Garwin Road

Margie Riemenschneider to Danny and Angela Faught, 404 W. Main St., State Center

Justin Boliver to Matthew Yates, 1912 S. Third Ave. Place

Jason and Megan Godfrey to Benjamin and Megan Johnson, 1901 S. Sixth St.